About us

Babić & Co Law Firm was founded in 1994, when its founder Nedžad Babić, following long-term work (since 1978), resigned from his office in the judiciary and started practicing the law. His specialty, within commercial law set the future direction and area of work of the law firm, which exists until the present day.

Considering the existing number of lawyers and the fact of constant growth and expansion of business engagement, Babić & Co Law Firm Ltd. Zenica was founded in 2019, where, today, we practice the law.

The law firm has more than 28 years of experience in both domestic and international market. Long tradition, reputation, professional and expert approach, the highest ethical standards as well as commitment to our clients made us a respectable and prestigious law firm, which is the reliable legal and business partner of its numerous clients.
Our headquarters is in Zenica, and as of 2019 the Law Firm is working in the territory of Sarajevo, through its branch office, and all of it to the end of business expansion and bigger representation in BiH market.

Our regional and global presence is realized by the membership in Adria Legal Group, together with law firms from Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Hungary and other countries. This network enables us, together with a big number of law firms, to give legal advice and representation in the countries of the region and wider.

Tim advokata Babic